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The GSM/GPRS Modem USB uses SIM900 based Quadband 850/900/1800/1900MHz GSM / GPRS modem. It can be connected to USB directly or to a microcontroller UART using TTL levels. It accepts external voltage 5- 2VDC 1A or 4VDC 2A as input. Hardware comes with software for operations.

Product Features

  • Accepts commands through Onboard USB serial
  • Can accept commands through Hyperterminal
  • Also can accept commands from microcontroller UART
  • Works on 5V-12V 1A SMPS supply
  • Speaker and Microphone Jacks onboard for voice
  • Onboard PCB antenna
  • Small size
  • Onboard Power, Network and status LED’s for indication
  • Basic functions like calling, send sms, access data through GPRS etc.
  • Plug and play device
  • Easy integration with Xpress WeighBridge Fraud Management System

Software Features

  1. Send/Forward/Delete SMS, Calling (Manual utility)
  2. SMS Node (SMS Automation utility for single PC)
  3. SMS Server (SMS Automation utility for LAN)
  4. Sample Source code for JAVA, VB6, .NET


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Hardwaree Compatibility

Operating Systems:

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  • 02.04.2012 We have launched our new product for SMS Solution: GSM/GPRS Modem.
  • 17.09.2011 We have launched our new portal for Xpress Web Solutions.
  • 27.07.2011 We have launched our new website for Hisol Solutions Private Limited.
  • 07.11.2010 We will also provide Bulk SMS solutions with API(PHP,VB, etc.) support.
  • 09.07.2010 We launch our first product Weigh Bridge Fraud Management System having SMS and Email Notifications.
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